Ever wonder why we call it Soda? Wanna hear about the ingredients that go into sodas and why some sodas are considered “better” for you than others? Wanna learn about the history of soda and the mad scientists behind the creation of the most interesting flavors? Carbonated questions everything soda, we bring to light a lot of information we would like the public to know about soda, the trendy parts and the not so trendy historic parts… For example many people often mistake cola as a “regular” flavor of soda. Or Green River became a renowned soda during prohibition. Sarsaparilla is a root that has a number or medicinal uses.


We like to keep things real here, telling the good folks of the soda community the TRUTH of the sodas and the intriguing soda history that has carved out the soda market we live in today. Most importantly we will tell you the benefits of buying quality soda over quantity soda. We won’t leave any bottle cap unturned (you never know, you might be a winner). We will do our homework so you can enjoy an easy A. We will make the cake so you can eat it… you get the point.


My name is Isaac Mitchell and I will be the primary writer at Carbonated. I work at Homer Soda Company as their marketing / graphic design staffer. However, when I am here writing to you, the noble reader, I am a soda researcher. A soda adventurer, exploring the the past present and future of the soda world. Join me every Friday for a new journey into the soda world!



-Isaac Mitchell