Main Street Stage


  •  Ed Clem 11:45-12:30pm


  • Kurt Bielema  1:00 - 1:45
    Kurt’s blend of indie, pop, and rock music draws from folk traditions over the past 50 years. Often fingerpicking with an infectious rhythm and sensitive melodies, Bielema’s strength is sincerity that never verges on the saccharine. Straightforward yet poetic, the songs have a very quaint and charming quality to them—they don’t feel too huge, but they touch on timeless emotions and ideas. 


  •  Tara Terra 2:15-3:00
    Tara Terra, indie rock band from Chicago and Champaign, IL, doesn’t settle down. Since their debut album “Daughter” in 2014, they’ve toured the U.S. twice, appeared on Audiotree Live, and played consistently packed shows in their home cities. Their unique mix of dynamic guitar textures and eclectic pop vocals (think Maggie Rogers or Phox) is just the beginning, with a new album coming your way in 2017. For now, catch their infectious indie vibes through their Daytrotter session (via Paste Magazine), The Huffington Post, Do 312, and Daytrotter’s Top 100 Songs.

  •   New Souls 3:30-4:15

Longtime friends and collaborators Mike Ingram and Brandon T. Washington started New Souls after Mike's 17-piece band performance as Justin Timberlake at The Great Cover Up in 2014, when they decided there wasn't enough R&B/neosoul/Motown stuff happening in town. They brought impeccable vocalist Cii La'cole into the mix (along with other friends like Toya Gwin, Ryan Byfield, Evan Duncan and Peety Thomas) and were happy to quickly be playing events like Summer Camp Music Festival, Taste of Champaign, Urbana Sweetcorn Festival, and many more. Sometimes a duo and sometimes joined by a rotating cast of some of the area's best players and singers, Mike & Brandon are just happy to see people singing along to their favorite songs.

  • Hot Iron String Band 4:45 - 5:15pm
    The Hot Iron String Band is a four-piece acoustic ensemble out of Champaign Urbana  featuring Samuel Payne on guitar, Dustin Norder on mandolin, Jeremy Koch on banjo, and Nolan Lee on upright bass. Their inspiration is drawn from the hard-driving back-beat pulse of Bill Monroe’s bluegrass, to the improbable music of the New Grass Revival, and  lonesome moan of a honky-tonk blues. And just like the roots from which their musical vision has grown — steeped in the age-old tradition of breaking the rules — they do it just a little bit different.

  • Motes 5:45-6:30 A small, slow-moving musical ensemble from Urbana, IL