Compete in the Brick Street BBQ Cook Off


Division Champion Winners and Grand Prize winner will each receive a trophy, a Central Lean Meat Bundle, Money Prizes $... and of course, BRAGGING RIGHTS! There’s $500 up for grabs this year in PRIZE MONEY! 

$100 Chicken Champion

$100 Pork Champion

$100 Beef Champion

AND another $200 for GRAND CHAMPION! 

$500.00 total in Prize Money!!!

Thank you and Good Luck!

Homer Soda Fest "Brick Street BBQ Cook Off" Presented by Central Lean - Quality Local Meats

June 3rd, 2017

Check-in 7-10am | Judging 4:30 pm (Judging order Chicken, Pork, Beef)

5th Annual Homer Soda Fest

Brick Street BBQ Cook-off

Backyard Style Competition

Presented by Central Lean Meats

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Each team will check in upon arrival at the site and will be given a contest packet.  The packet will contain judging procedures and sample score sheets.


1. Contestants must present enough meat for at least 6 - 3 oz servings for inspection at check in. Bone in cuts should not consider the bones as part of the 3 oz serving. Meat may be seasoned but not cooked. 

2. One container must be prepared for judging containing 3 servings. Please provide a serving of at least 3oz per judge (3 judges). A second container will be presented to the winners of each division for overall champion judging. Please provide another three servings for the judges for overall champion.
3. Meat may start cooking as soon as the cook off offical checks it in.
4. All meat is subject to inspection by the cook off committee at anytime.
5. Sample boxes may not be altered or in any way identified, inside or out. Anything placed in the container that identifies your team will cause your entry to not be scored.

6. Cooks are to prepare and cook barbecue in a sanitary manner. Contestants will dress appropriately for cooking. You must have a cooler to keep your product fresh.

7. Each team shall supply its own ingredients, grills, utensils, tables, tents, chairs, fuel (wood, gas or charcoal), or any item or material which the cook desires.

Note: You are responsible for observing prudent temperature and sanitary requirements.

Judging based on point scale on the following:

Appearance, Color, Aroma, Tenderness, Taste, Aftertaste
Judging turn in time will begin with Chicken at 4:30pm. Following will be Pork, and last Beef.
The Homer Soda Fest committee representatives will pick up and turn in the entries to the judging table. Each entry must be prepared to provide Six – at least 3 oz each servings to be judged. Three will go into the initial box provided for the first judging. If your entry wins a division, you will be considered for Grand Champion! Each Division winner shall prepare another box of three for the judges to be considered for Grand Champion. 


Division Champion Winners and Grand Prize winners will each receive a trophy, a Central Lean Meat Bundle, Money Prizes $... and of course, BRAGGING RIGHTS! Thank you and Good Luck!

Small print boring stuff:

1. Entry forms for the Cook off may be obtained either online. Entries are a first come first serve basis.  Space is limited so enter early.
2. Check in and set up is between 7am to 10am on Saturday, June 4th. Set up of cooking areas must be completed no later than 10am and all vehicles vacated to the parking area at 9:30am.
3. Up to two vehicles are permitted in the contest area for set up purpose only. After set up, all vehicles must be moved to the contestant parking area. No vehicles, including RVs are permitted on the festival grounds after check in is concluded and until after 7pm Saturday, May 30th. No ATVs (3 wheelers, 4 wheelers, Gators, golf carts) are permitted on the festival grounds at any time.
4. The Homer Soda Fest or Central Lean are not responsible for theft, damage of personal property, or injury to any contestants, or to any contestant's family members or guests. Contestants are reponsible for & must supervise hot cooking equipment. It is the responsibly of the contestant to supervise or assign someone to supervise their area, should they step away.
5. Judges will be chosen by the Homer Soda Fest committee. Decisions of the Committee and Judges are final.
6. No holes or dug pits are permitted. Fire extinguishers must be provided by cooker.
7. Each cook-off team is responsible for keeping the contest area clean and policed before leaving. Trash bags will be provided. If additional bags are needed, please ask.
8. The contestant is responsible for the conduct of his/her team members and guests. Unacceptable conduct will be grounds for disqualification, forfeiture of awards, and removal from festival. All contestants are expected to respect the rights of other teams. Profane language or infringement on another team’s area will not be permitted
9. All traffic lanes in the contest area must be kept open.
10. Teams must provide all their own supplies. Homer Soda Fest provides a 10x10 space. 
11. Teams must provide their own cleaning area for wash, rinse and sanitation.
12. All meat must raw and uncooked at check in. Prior preparation such seasoning, marinating is permitted.
13. All cook off areas must be cleaned and vacated by 9pm on Saturday, June 4th. 

No vehicles will be permitted on festival grounds even for breaking down areas until after 7pm.

14. Small “easy up” style tents or umbrellas are permitted for shade.

15. Contestants must adhere to all electrical, fire, health and other codes whether local, county, state or federal.

16. MUST HAVE pre-registered & paid.

17. Use of tobacco products is prohibited while handling meat.

18. The Village of Homer prohibits the consumption of alcohol on the town’s streets.

BBQ Cook Off Contact Information & Fees

Central Lean Meats of Paxton 217-379-4433 (Ask for Sandra)

Central Lean Meats Hours:  10am-6pm M-F, 10-3pm Sat

Fee to enter the competition: $25 (Includes 1 Entry)

- For each additional entry, $15

Please send your entry fees by May 20, 2016 to: 

Central Lean Meats

114 S Market Street

Paxton, IL 60957

Payments can also be made in person at Central Lean Meats during business hours.  

3 Divisions & 1 Grand Champion

Chicken, Pork, Beef - Entries can be any cut or dish you like!   

PLUS – Grand Champion Prize overall for all categories 

Check in and set up 7:00 am-10:00 am Saturday, June 4th 2016 at the Central Lean Booth on the Brick Street. Spaces will be first come first served.

Parking will be assigned

You must not give out samples without a health permit.

In the event that there is a situation that is not covered in these rules, it will be resolved by the judges &/or the contest organizer, with the contest organizer having the final say.