The Great Soda Bake-Off 2017



$75 JUNIOR Division Champion

$100 HOME BAKER Division Champion

$125 PROFESSIONAL BAKER Division Champion



*In addition to the cash prize (and bragging rights!) each winning recipe will be recreated and featured on the TermiNatetor Kitchen website.  

The Homer Soda Company & TermiNatetor Kitchen Great Soda Bake-Off 2017 (“Contest”) is seeking the best DESSERT recipe to be entered and judged in Homer, IL on June 3th, 2017.  

All recipes must be a DESSERT course-based recipe and use at least one (1) bottled soda. Recipes using alcohol as an ingredient will not be accepted. Each recipe must include U.S. standard measurements, complete preparation instructions, cooking times, temperatures, number of servings, size of pans, and any special utensils or cookware. Recipes do not have to be original, but they cannot have won previous awards, have been published previously, or infringe upon any other person’s rights.

The day of the event, each individual baker will bring in their prepared baked good to be checked in. Each baker must present their dessert items’ complete recipe list upon check in. Bakers will be given a contest packet. The packet will contain judging procedures and sample score sheets. Bakers will set their baked good on the appropriate table (along with a place card with the following: name of recipe, bakers name, & town of residency) for viewing and judging.


The first day to sign up for the contest begins March 6th at 8 a.m. Central Time online, and ends June 3rd, 2017, at 12 noon Central Time. One hour before judging, sign-ups will be closed. Bakers may enter as many baked goods as he/she likes.


JUNIOR Division: Age 17 and below

HOME BAKER Division: Age 18 and above who is not a professional baker

PROFESSIONAL BAKER Division: Age 18 and above who is a professional baker

Name *
Phone *
Category (Choose one) JUNIOR // HOME BAKER // PROFESSIONAL *

Judging based on point scale on the following: Appearance, Color, Aroma, Taste, and Aftertaste

Judging turn in time will begin with the JUNIOR division at 12pm. Following will be the HOME BAKER division, and last the PROFESSIONAL.

The Homer Soda Fest committee representatives will pick up and turn in the entries to the judging table. Each entry must be prepared to provide six servings to be judged. Three will go into the initial box provided for the first judging. If your entry wins a division, you will be considered for Grand Champion! Each Division winner shall prepare another box of three for the judges to be considered for Grand Champion.

Fee to enter the competition: $25 (Includes 1 Entry)

- For each additional entry, $15

Parking will be assigned

You must not give out samples without a health permit.

In the event that there is a situation that is not covered in these rules, it will be resolved by the judges &/or the contest organizer, with the contest organizer having the final say.