Interested in Sponsoring the 2016 Homer Soda Festival?

Every year the festival has seen growth in attendance and website hits based on own growth model. We are expecting a 33% increase in attendance size, anticipating 20,000 guests at this years festival. Homer Soda Festival offers a great platform for your business to make a statement. Advertising with the festival will allow you amazing exposure a gourmet market as well as a larger audience.

2013 saw 14,719 visitors to the website.
2014 saw 22,764 visitors to the website.
2015 saw  34,515  visitors on the website.

2016 Sponsorship Packages

Promote Your Brand at the Festival

Center Stage, $3,000
Sponsorship of the of the stage.  You will have the most prominent placement of the Festival.  Your full length banner will be placed across the stage, ensuring that everyone will have visibility of your brand. Your brand of soda will be served to the music acts and will be promoted on stage.

Pre-Fest Sponsorship, $2,000
The Pre-Fest event will be invite only and is aimed towards business owners,  press, independent bottlers, and select craft vendors who are interested in networking. The craft soda world is a booming business and Homer Soda Company knows the importance of independent bottlers making connections. This sponsorship will give you access (+1) to this event. Banners will be displayed with your sponsorship and you will be publicly recognized.

VIP Bags, $1500 + 1,000 bottles of soda
Sponsorship of the of the VIP Bags.  We use a cloth 6-pack holder as the VIP gift bags.  Inside the bag goes all the goodies for the VIP.  The sponsor will have their custom logo on the front of the bag and will have a sample of one bottle in each.  This is a fantastic way to get your product into the hands of the most dedicated soda enthusiasts!

Where does it all go? $1500
With all the soda being consumed, it is only logical to be prepared for it’ exit?  Yes, the potty houses are a huge expense for the Homer Soda Festival.  We provide some of the cleanest and nicest potty houses around!  If you would like to have a unique branding opportunity, we will place a custom sign on each and every potty house.  There are endless quirky puns and fun that you could have with this one!  Guaranteed to bring a smile to those who visit the potty houses!

Volunteers, $1200
Sponsorship of the volunteers. We will need about 100 volunteers to pull off the event!  In order to help entice the additional help, we have crafted a wonderful gift box for each of them!  Your sponsorship pays for these items.  In return, your brand name/logo will cover the back of every volunteer’s shirt!

Dine with Us, $1200
Sponsorship of the of the Food Tent. Remind everyone why your brand is the BEST soda at Homer Soda Fest by sponsoring the Food Tent.  We will display your custom banner at the entry into the tent.   Thousands of people will be filtering in and out of the tent all day giving you prominent visibility.

Shuttle Service, $850
Sponsorship of the cost of the shuttle bus.  We hire a private service to run a route between the outlying parking areas and the downtown of Homer.  With your sponsorship, you will be making this possible and you will have a custom banner attached to the bus as it makes it route the entire day.

Ad space in our Printed Festival Program

1/8 page: $75
1/4 :$150
1/2: $250
Whole Page: $450
Spread: $600